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3 Kawok (6th July 2021)

3 KawokWithin the Maya calendars we see a microcosm reflection of life and creation cycles. The day 3 Kawok can represent the birth process of a new era, which may involve both pain and joy.

Within the Maya cross, the day 3 Kawok represents the future of the day Wajxakib (8) B’atz, the birth of the new weaving. Whilst Kawok represents the midwife energy and the birth process, today is particularly strong as what it is birthing is the day 4 Ajpu. This is the day of creation of a new world, and 3 Kawok is the midwife which brings it forth.

There are various myths about the creation which link with the number 3. One is that at the time of creation, three stone jumped out of the fireplace and formed the new world. These three stones are called the hearthstones, and are still seen in many Maya homes today, on the fire supporting the tortilla griddle. From an astronomical point of view, the stones are the stars Alnitak, Saiph and Rigel in the constellation we call Orion, and the Smoky Fireplace is the Great Orion Nebula (M42)

M42, The Orion Nebula. Photo by Mark Elmy

Another of the creation stories is that the goddess Ixchel tipped over the water jar and caused a great flood which washed away the old world so that the new world can come into being. If the new world comes into being on 4 Ajpu, 3 Kawok represents that great flood, washing away the old society which no longer serves. Here we see the storm aspect of the day Kawok strongly highlighted. This may not be the easiest of days to negotiate, especially if you are trying to hold on to what is being washed away. Perhaps it is time to let go and ride the wave instead.

The energy of the number 3 also represents the internal process. This is a day to call on the energy of the nawal Kawok to wash away your internal obstacles to the emergence of new growth in your life.

Ixchel empties the water jar, washing away the old world in order to bring in the new. From the Dresden Codex
Ixchel empties the water jar, washing away the old world in order to bring in the new. From the Dresden Codex

While most healing roles do not seem to be gender specific, one is. Both women and men may be healers, prayer makers, herbalists and diviners, only women will become midwives. Kawok is the energy of the midwife. Kawok helps to clear the obstructions from the birth process, in some ways it actually represents the birth process. Kawok brings the new into the world. In the Mayan cross, Kawok, the birth process finishes the sequence which starts with Aq’ab’al (conception) and moves through B’atz (gestation.) In the sequence of the calendar, Kawok precedes Ajpu. Ajpu represents the resurrection of the maize lord, also the creation of the world. Kawok creates the conditions for that to happen, the rain which brings forth the sprouting of the maize.

In its storm aspect, Kawok can be destructive, although it is a destruction which allows a new creation to happen. Kawok energy can give rise to some tempestuous situations, it can be a day which can give people a rough ride, although this may be for the eventual good. It is a day to ask for the gentle rain to bless your crops, and for the harsh rain to stop. It is a day which washes away the old and outworn in life, so that the new growth, life and divinity may emerge.

The number 3 is still in the low end of the range of numbers. It does not have much energy yet, and it is also an odd number. It can represent the home, relating to the three hearthstones laid by the creators, and this is probably a good focus for a 3 day. However, it is possibly the most troublesome of the numbers to deal with, it lacks stability and represents challenges and obstructions. The number three brings up internal/external dilemma. The lack of stability in the physical, external world that it brings suggests that the more appropriate action is to look to the internal world, both of the home and of yourself.

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