6 Q’anil (23rd September 2023) – Equinox 06.50 UTC

6 Q'anilWith the prosperity and brilliance of Q’anil, and the stability of the number 6, this day has the potential to be an excellent day which  brings your crops, plans and projects to full stable maturity.

The energy of the nawal Q’anil is that of ripening. Just as our crops ripen, so do we, as our souls become brighter the more they are polished through our experiences and transformations. Today, the ripening process is blessed by the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth, bringing extra inspiration to the process. It could be seen almost as some kind of divine intervention or assistance to stabilise the physical journey to maturity. This is a day which brings stability to your abundance, for yourself and the benefit of your family. If you have an opportunity to get your hands dirty, work around plants should prove highly beneficial.

This can be a very light-hearted day of good humour and fun. Let your light shine and embrace your talents, it is time to demonstrate them to the physical world. Today they are enhanced with a little more guidance than usual. Just remember not to party too hard to celebrate!

Additionally, today is the day of the equinox, a day of equal light and darkness. It sometimes proves a little difficult when the equinox bridges time zones, but in UTC it falls on the 23rd rather than the 22nd. We are moving out of one cycle and into the next within the Earth’s cycle. This gives an extra sense of equilibrium, very much in synchronicity with the Chol Q’ij. This is the time of the year that changes are happening the most rapidly. In the Northern hemisphere, the length of the days is shortening at its most rapid rate as we go into the darker half of the year. In the Southern hemisphere the reverse is true, yet the rate of change is just as great. It is this change that completes the cycle of life and today we celebrate this balance which puts everything in its rightful place. Today, as we celebrate the turning of the seasons, a focus between 6 Q’anil and the equinox could be the perfect stability that comes from fully embracing the balance of night and day.

The Queen of Spain, by Mark Elmy

Q’anil represents the ripening of the seed, the crop coming to maturity. The Kiché word Q’an means yellow, and the -il suffix is rather like the English -ing. Q’anil represents the golden head of maize at it’s perfection of ripeness, ready to be picked. In the Mayan creation story, humans were fashioned from maize dough, we are Ixim Achi, the people of the corn. The maize in this part of the world has a 260 day growth season between planting (conception) and harvest (birth.) This connects maize with both the sacred calendar and with the period of human gestation.

It is in the fields and gardens that Q’anil’s light shines particularly brightly, it is the nawal of farmers, gardeners and herbalists. But just as it is at home around plants, Q’anil has the possibility to shine anywhere. Q’anil has talent, it’s beautiful golden light illuminates that which it comes into contact with, Q’anil people light up the room with their presence. Q’anil is about achieving full potential, and this relates to all of our activities. It does have an affinity to the arts, but in general is a day of bounty for all life projects.

However, when an energy is so fertile and prosperous, life can become too easy. Q’anil also appreciates the rewards of it’s talent – sometimes a little too much. Q’anil is prone to overindulge in the sensual, in particular with regards to intoxication.

The number six is said to be the number of ultimate stability. It is the first of the three middle numbers of the cycle, the balance point neither too strong nor too weak. It is a day frequently used for ceremony thanks to its conducive energy. It represents the four directions with the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth. It also represents family, relating to the six qualities that nourish and hold families together – health, understanding, property, employment, friendship and actions.

The cross at the top of the central hill, Paclom, in Momostenango. Paclom is known as "the six place" and the two armed cross represents the four directions combining with the Heart of the Earth and the Heart of the Sky. This picture was taken on Wajxakib B'atz, February 2010.