6 Kawok (21st July 2022)

6 KawokThe day 6 Kawok could prove to be a very beneficial day to bring the new into the world. The birth process is supported by the energies of the four directions, together with the Heart of the Sky and Heart of the Earth, bringing stability to the delivery.

Chak sends the fire serpent (lightning) from the sky, from the Dresden Codex
Chak sends the fire serpent (lightning) from the sky, from the Dresden Codex

Even looking at the destructive aspect of Kawok, this day could be beneficial. The stability of the 6 would suggest that it is a day when the storms are quelled, when the force of the torrent is sufficient to wash away the debris without destroying the useful.

It is a day when the new born receives the blessings from all around. This will apply to new life, in all its guises, and to new projects. The energy of this day could be hugely supportive of the ideas that you brought into being on the day 4 No’j. It is the day to flesh out new things, to physically bring them into the world. It is a wonderful “launch day” for the physical aspect of your plan.

Just as this day represents midwives, we can also see it as a representation of female healers in general, or those who heal the feminine. Today we celebrate their abilities to soothe the emotions, to bring calm to life’s storms. They may do this through traditional healing channels such as energy work or massage, but also through counselling or music.

If you need to calm your emotions, or bring healing to a situation, this could be a very good day to do it. Allow Kawok to wash away emotions that are  no longer necessary to hold on to, and allow the new to emerge into the world. Use the supportive and stable energy of the day to calm the troubled waters.

Ixchel empties the water jar, washing away the old world in order to bring in the new. From the Dresden Codex
Ixchel empties the water jar, washing away the old world in order to bring in the new. From the Dresden Codex

Nawal Kawok is in some ways a counterpart to the nawal Tijax. Where Tijax has masculine aspects of healing, Kawok has the feminine aspect. Kawok is sometimes referred to as rain or storm. It is this rain that washes away that which has been cut out by Tijax.

While most healing roles do not seem to be gender specific, one is. Both women and men may be healers, prayer makers, herbalists and diviners, only women will become midwives. Kawok is the energy of the midwife. Kawok helps to clear the obstructions from the birth process, in some ways it actually represents the birth process. Kawok brings the new into the world. In the Mayan cross, Kawok, the birth process finishes the sequence which starts with Aq’ab’al (conception) and moves through B’atz (gestation.) In the sequence of the calendar, Kawok precedes Ajpu. Ajpu represents the resurrection of the maize lord, also the creation of the world. Kawok creates the conditions for that to happen, the rain which brings forth the sprouting of the maize.

In its storm aspect, Kawok can be destructive, although it is a destruction which allows a new creation to happen. Kawok energy can give rise to some tempestuous situations, it can be a day which can give people a rough ride, although this may be for the eventual good. It is a day to ask for the gentle rain to bless your crops, and for the harsh rain to stop. It is a day which washes away the old and outworn in life, so that the new growth, life and divinity may emerge.

The number six is said to be the number of ultimate stability. It is the first of the three middle numbers of the cycle, the balance point neither too strong nor too weak. It is a day frequently used for ceremony thanks to its conducive energy. It represents the four directions with the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth. It also represents family, relating to the six qualities that nourish and hold families together – health, understanding, property, employment, friendship and actions.