2015 – What Happened…..And When Will It Stop?

I have been asked a question a few times in the last few days regarding the energy of the year. It seems that many people found 2015 a very challenging year. They thought they were glad to see the back of it a couple of weeks ago, only to find out that challenging things are still happening. I want to write a much larger article on the 365 day count and the year lords, which I will reserve for the arrival of the new Mam in February, but for now I thought I would write something to give some of my frustrated friends a glimmer of hope.

Before I start I would like to clarify that I am basing my new solar count day on what my teacher observes, that the new 365 day count will begin on February 21st. There are some groups which are changing over to a new set of Year Bearers, which will begin their new year on March 6th, and the archaeological count used in Mexico and known as the Ha’ab will roll over on April 1st.

The Year Lord who took charge of 2015 was the Year Lord (or Mam) 3 E’. Much as I am writing about the energy of the day, the energy of an entire year can either be favourable or unfavourable. E’ is considered to be one of the more favourable Year Lords, bringing with it a spirit of travel and discovery, although is may also be somewhat restless at times. It is about more than just the physical journey, it is about our path in life and where that may take us. The number 3 is a challenging number which can represent blockages and obstructions, instabilities and difficulties, and here we have it connected with our life path. As you can imagine this can make for a rather challenging year, uncertainty and blockages in one’s path. The benefits of the E’ year not only muted, but turned into challenges.

On 21st February 2016, the new Mam will take his seat. This will be start the year 4 N’oj. N’oj is also considered to be a favourable nawal, it is a nawal of ideas, thought and intellect. It is the energy of the problem solver. It is coupled with the number 4, again thought to be a good, stable number. Representing the four directions and the fourfold aspects of the passage of the Sun – sunrise, midday, sunset and midnight, as well as the solstices and equinoxes. It stabilises that which it is joined with and can be seen as bringing the qualities of the nawal it is associated with into the physical world. Here we see it coupled with the nawal of ideas and intellect, which suggests that the energy which will be coming in will be more conducive to manifesting our ideas into reality.

Nature does not change in straight lines or square wave patterns, rather more like rolling sine wave type patterns. Just as the tides of the seas ebb and flow, so do the energies of the days and of the years. I will look at the patterns involved in the passing of the years in another article, but suffice to say there may be some changeover time between the year 3 E’ and the year 4 N’oj. However, I would expect that hopefully you should be finding life calmer and more stable by the end of February.

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