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12 Q’anil (15th July 2021)

12 Q'anilThe day 12 Q’anil may prove to be a day of great abundance as the “crop” you have been ripening over time finally is gathered. The completed project bears fruit.

Q’anil days are nearly always favourable, they often carry a light and happy energy, and quite rightly so. They represent the ripening, the point where all the hard work comes to fruition. They are days of abundance, of light and eventually celebration too. Today Q’anil is combined with the number 12, the energy of bundling, of gathering things together. The energy of the 12 can represent the entirety of life, so it may not just be a recent project or one that has been happening in the last 260 day that is coming to ripeness.  Today things which may almost have been long forgotten may finally come to light.

This is certainly a day to complete any outstanding business, even if it has been waiting a long time, as it should produce beneficial and abundant results. It is important to celebrate these achievements, however, be careful not to overdo it. The number 12 does carry a very strong energy and when combined with the energy of Q’anil may lead to over-celebration, especially if intoxicants are involved.

Bird of paradise flower, open and shining after it's long ripening period - by Mark Elmy

Bird of paradise flower, open and shining after it’s long ripening period – by Mark ElmyNawal Q’anil represents the ripening of the seed, the crop coming to maturity. The K’iché word Q’an means yellow, and the -il suffix is rather like the English -ing. Q’anil represents the golden head of maize at its perfection of ripeness, ready to be picked. In the Mayan creation story, humans were fashioned from maize dough, we are Ixim Achi, the people of the corn. The maize in this part of the world has a 260 day growth season between planting (conception) and harvest (birth.) This connects maize with both the sacred calendar and with the period of human gestation.

It is in the fields and gardens that Q’anil’s light shines particularly brightly, it is the nawal of farmers, gardeners and herbalists. But just as it is at home around plants, Q’anil has the possibility to shine anywhere. Q’anil has talent, its beautiful golden light illuminates that which it comes into contact with, Q’anil people light up the room with their presence. Q’anil is about achieving full potential, and this relates to all of our activities. It does have an affinity to the arts, but in general is a day of bounty for all life projects.

However, when an energy is so fertile and prosperous, life can become too easy. Q’anil also appreciates the rewards of its talent – sometimes a little too much. Q’anil is prone to overindulge in the sensual, in particular with regards to intoxication.

The number 12 is the penultimate number. In some ways it can be seen as the last Earthly number, the number 13 representing the spirit world. We travelled through the mortal world with 1 through 6, then the other world with 7 through 12. In this way 12 can be seen as a point of bringing all of the experiences into one bundle for presentation to the spirit world as we step into 13. As such, the number 12 brings a wealth of experience into one place, it is rather like writing an autobiography. It is totality, all that is, brought together.

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