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11 Kame (9th May 2022)

11 KameThis could turn out to be a day of powerful spiritual transformations which may come through confronting great challenges. They may seem unrelated, but the eventual outcome may come clear after time.

The highly unpredictable energy of the number 11 combines with the nawal Kame today to throw some challenges into life. There are some things which are difficult to face, they may be lifelong challenges, phobias or frights. These are things which follow us through life, confronting us from time to time, to give us the opportunity to clear them from our lives. In doing so, we move into a higher aspect of ourselves as we let the old fear die and fall away.

Today these challenges may come from many directions, and they may come in quickly and with force. The ability to adapt and respond to these situations as they arrive can be gleaned from the nawal Kame. It brings us the bravery to undergo these challenges and grow from them. Today is the day to “feel the fear and do it anyway”, although you might find more than the usual number of challenges coming your way.

Kame relates to death, which often makes people nervous. However, this nawal is seen as an extremely positive day. Birth is the gateway into the mortal life, death the gateway into the eternal. In many shamanistic traditions, the initiate goes through several death experiences during training. This can be through the use of particular herbs, or sometimes through accident or illness. In these experiences the density of the mortal realm falls away and the greater understanding emerges. It can often be described as a spiritual transformation. In the Popul Vuh, the Mayan book of creation, the Hero Twins descend to the underworld, Xibalba, to confront the Lords of Death. They pass the many challenges set for them, but eventually end up being tricked by the Lord of Death. Instead of giving in, the Hero Twins choose to sacrifice themselves. They give instructions to a pair of seers to convince the Lords of Death to grind the Twins’ bones to dust and throw the dust in the river. Everything went according to plan and five days later the twins appeared as catfish in the river, then transformed into vagabond “magicians”. In this way we see a literal transformation from the crusader (Tijax) through death (Kame) to the higher self (Ix). This is the potential of the Kame day, to face ones fears and attain a higher perspective, to advance the journey of your soul. This is also a day to remember your ancestors and friends that have passed into the other realm, to remember what they taught you, and to thank them for their wisdom that helped you to grow.

The number 11 is a high and odd number. This gives it some rather challenging properties, although it can come good in the end. Imagine you visit Ireland and are transfixed by the green of the hills, then you go to Morocco and are awed by the red of the buildings, then you go to the Caribbean and are moved by the turquoise sea. You return home and paint a beautiful picture using those colours. When you were in Ireland you didn’t know you were going to paint that masterpiece, you may not have even known why you were there.  This is how 11 works. You are sure you need to be doing something, but unsure why. You are collecting experience through many wanderings.

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