10 B’atz 4 Wayeb – The Final Day of Wayeb

The fifth day of Wayeb completes these days of introspection and retreat. In some ways, whilst this is the day when we can see the dawn of the new year coming, it may also be the most difficult day. It is the day when we start the process to emerge from the chrysalis.

There may be a crystallisation of the process which has been taking place though the days of Wayeb. Here it is combined with the auspicious day of 10 B’atz, the day of community arts. This is a wonderful day to be making any artform with your community. Community arts festivals would be highly signified by this day, even though it is in Wayeb. Perhaps the crystalisation of the process is the beauty which comes out when we come together as a community to combine our creative forces. What a wonderful way to bid farewell to the Mam 10 Kej and welcome teh Mam 11 E’.


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