1 Aq’ab’al (18th September 2023)

1 AqabalThe energy of the number 1, of novelty and birth, combines with the nawal of the new conception today, providing an excellent day to start a new project or phase of life.

When we consider the nawal Aq’ab’al as the dawning of the new day, the energy of 1 Aq’ab’al can be seen as the very first moment of realisation that a new day is coming. It is far from light, in fact it is only just distinguishable. Somewhere in the darkness, light begins to make its presence known. This is the beginning of beginnings, it is the first spark of the fire. The first spark needs tending, gentle use of breath and material in order to grow it into the fire it will become.

The spark may represent a new idea that you have, but this is the first thought of this idea. It is something that comes in the waking moment, fresh from the dream world. It has started to emerge into this world, but is still uncertain, hidden and yet to take much form. This is the moment where it needs support and tending, just as the spark, or the newborn needs care and attention. This is where the input and encouragement of family, friends and community can help that spark to become the fire, or that newborn to grow.

Aq’ab’al can also represent relationships, so this day may be the first glimmer of something new, or the rekindling of an existing relationship in order to start a new “day.” Either way, this should be a rather joyful day of new possibilities.

The day 1 Aq’ab’al is an excellent day for starting new ventures, for getting your ideas out into the world and for receiving the encouragement we need for new projects.

Today marks an interesting milestone for me, and for my site. I began writing about the energies of the days on 1 Aq’ab’al, 19th November 2015. I have now completed 11 cycles of the calendar, 2860 days, posting pretty much every single day! Sometimes this has proved a challenge when I’m trekking to El Mirador or suchlike, but I do my best to be consistent. Thank you for reading my work, thank you for the encouragement which you have given.


In the Kiche language, the word aq’ab means night. The suffix -al changes the meaning slightly, to hint at change and alludes to the dawning of the day, the time between darkness and light, night and day. Just as birth is the beginning of the mortal journey, Aq’ab’al is the beginning of the day, although the detail of the day may still be obscured. Aq’ab’al is representative of new things, things which are not yet fully formed. While in Santiago Atitlan one day, a friend explained to me the different parts of a weaving in process on a backstrap loom. Aq’ab’al is the warp (the vertical threads), B’atz is the weft (the horizontal threads) which creates the whole cloth, and the newly woven cloth is Kawok. In order for the weaver to create, first she has an idea in her head or a dream. She sets out the dream on her loom by setting up the warp. Thus, the design has passed from being just an idea, to the beginnings of a woven reality, although it still requires creative input before it becomes whole. Aq’ab’al can also represent conception, the fertilised egg is far from ready to be born, but has passed from the dream or spirit world into the physical.

Aq’ab’al days are great days for the start of new things, particularly new relationships – Aq’ab’al has a strong affinity with marriage. It is also a perfect day for starting new projects, or at least bringing them into the world of light from the world of dreams and ideas.

The number 1 is representative of the seed, of unity. It represents birth and beginnings. It is a low and odd number, which usually represents something challenging. However, the seed can grow into a mighty tree, it is full of potential. It just needs the correct nutrients and conditions to germinate and develop, just as sometimes we need encouragement to develop our ideas.

10 thoughts on “1 Aq’ab’al (18th September 2023)”

  1. Thankyou for being so consistently dedicated to write everyday! If I have decisions or a journey to make, I always consult the Mayan calendar for advice. Blessings on your journey!

  2. Thank you for the steadiness, Mark, in sharing your wisdom. Your daily posts and “monthly” videos do make much of a difference to me. Happy Aq’ab’al trecena!

  3. Thank you so much Mark, Maltyox, for putting in this effort every single day. Already for more the. two (gregorian) years now I daily read your posts about the energy of the day and I am so grateful!

    With love,


  4. Thank you so much dear Mark, for your tireless work and sharing your lovely videos and daily messages. I appreciate your wisdom very much. Warm regards, Sahel

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary and muchísimas gracias por tu trabajo.
    It is a relationship, indeed, connecting with your work, too 🙂
    All best and may the spark ⚡️ ignite a beautiful powerful fire 🔥

  6. Thanking you Mark, your teaching are invaluable, they reach well into my community here in Australia and continue to be of profound resonance. Congratulations on this milestone.

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