The Heliacal Rise of Venus, 13 Ajmak (22nd August 2023)

The cycle of Venus was of great importance to the ancient Maya, and often used to time ritual activities including warfare and sacrifices. Venus was generally seen to have an unsettling influence, particularly during the time of the heliacal rising of Venus.

Today we enter that period of potential turbulence, the first rising of Venus as the Morning Star. This is said to be the time when the influence of Venus “spears” certain victims. Although these victims are often leaders, this turmoil is affecting all of us on the planet. That said, whoever holds “high position” would do well to avoid rushing into impassioned decisions  or judgement during the first few days of the Morning Star.

Here is the particular page in the Dresden Codex which refers to the heliacal rise of Venus on an Ajmak day. In the top left hand portion of the page, you can see the glyphs Q’anil, Tijax, Q’anil and then Ajmak. These positions relate to superior conjunction, rise as evening “star”, inferior conjunction and then rise as morning “star”. According to biblioteca pleyades, the heliacal rise of Venus on an Ajmak day in the Borgia Codex “The Venus Lord is illustrated with a bird on one ear flare, and a snake on the other (or issuing from his mouth). This is the deity on the Venus pages that can most readily be identified as Kukulkan. The victim is illustrated as a turtle headed deity with a jade necklace. The victim’s name glyph includes the K’ank’in turtle head. Thompson equated this deity with “the turtle god of rain”. Ethnographers report that turtles are protected in the Yucatan to avoid drought.  In the Borgia, the Venus Lord, identified by Seler as Quetzalcoatl, spears a goddesswho Kelley identifies as Chalchihuitlicue, Jade Skirt, a water goddess. Drought is implied. ” Drought, both today and to the ancient Maya, is of course a serious occurrence. Maya sites such as Tikal had no natural water sources, they were supplied from reservoirs which would catch rainwater during rainy season.

In the page pertaining to this Venus event, the top panel (above) shows the Corn god standing before the Death god. Venus will remain as a morning planet until 2 E’ on 14th April 2024. Could this signify a dry second half of rainy season for Guatemala, or the possibility of a crop failure? Perhaps this would have been used as an almanac to understand when to plant more corn to mitigate for a possible lower yield?


4 thoughts on “The Heliacal Rise of Venus, 13 Ajmak (22nd August 2023)”

  1. Gusto en saludarle! Espero que te encuentres bien, balanceado y con buena salud.

    I am analyzing this information with the current situation here in Guatemala. The Maya have been silent throughout many, many injustices, and even horrific events.
    But they rise up now. Why now? What makes this time so different, or so much more urgent than any events in the past?

    40 plus one days after the rise of Venus, on 2 Noj, the protests began. (Also, as you know, we had an incredibly dry rainy season this year.)

    I am trying to get to the core of this.
    Your knowledge is extremely helpful.

    Matyox Mark

    Gracias Tat

  2. Hi Gg, it is certainly a powerful time here, I hope that you’re doing OK.

    It was almost troubling to write about this particular rise of Venus spearing the rain, knowing what it could mean, although I am not sure how much this drier than usual rainy season might have to do with the protests.

    What does interest me is the idea that Venus as the morning star illuminates that which has been hidden in darkness and it can bring about the downfall of leaders. It makes me wonder if those in power have a lot hidden away that would be revealed by a change in power. Maybe that’s why they cling on so hard. At the same time, the bright light rising is illuminating the way, interestingly elected 2 days after Venus rose. Also interestingly his nawal is Kaji Imox, and you’ve heard that name before, right? Maybe that makes a difference, whether widely known or not? Sometimes all the factors come together at the right time.

    The last time Venus was in this exact position, rising as morning star on an Ajmak day, would have been 8 years ago, 25th August 2015. That was also a time of protest and OPM resigned 10 days later.

  3. Mark! I am doing well, thank you.

    Yes yes and yes…. I am sure it is widely known that Arrevalo is Kaib’ Imox. WE know it….so I’m sure many others do as well~ jajajaja
    As you know, Venus is associated with war, and the usurping of leaders. It goes in 8 year cycles, as you mentioned as well, so we are right on course there, but I am looking also to the eclipse, and the transits…We had 2 transits in 2004, and one in 2012… The next on is in 2117.
    Keep me posted on anything else you might come across.
    Likewise for me.

    Wishing you plentitude

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