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7 Ajmak 4 Wayeb – The Final Day of Wayeb

The fifth day of Wayeb completes these days of introspection and retreat. In some ways, whilst this is the day when we can see the dawn of the new year coming, it may also be the most difficult day. It is the day when we start the process to emerge from the chrysalis.

There may be a crystallisation of the process which has been taking place though the days of Wayeb. Here, its combination with the day 7 Ajmak. 7 Ajmak is not necessarily the easiest combination, but it can be rather wonderful if we can relax into it. Ajmak as the nawal of pardon and forgiveness, encourages us to accept ourselves and each other as sweet human beings, to love each other for all that we are. It is the scars that show we have chosen to live our lives, the stories which remind us that we don’t always get it right, and neither does anyone else! One of the keys to a happy existence is the acceptance of this, of our human fallibility. The number 7 highlights endings and choices, and in this combination could be seen as the ability to forgive and forget.

7 Ajmak  is the final forgiveness, the final redemption. It is a perfect day for drawing a line under events or circumstances and moving forwards into the new solar cycle free of burdens of guilt, or shame, or blame.  It gives us the ability to wipe our own slate, or that of others, clean. In this way we can understand that it is through forgiveness, acceptance, and a willingness to move on, that we can become the full sweetness of the humans that we are. In this way we will be able to manifest the wholeness of the plan we will be landing in the coming solar cycle.

Pawahtuun, also known as Mam and god N. Known as the god of the Wayeb and the number five. An old man that carries a conch shell, who was both a beloved creator and a trickster. From the Dresden Codex