13 B’atz (1st October 2022)

13 B'atzThe energy of the nawal of creativity combines with the influence of the ancestors to bring forth a powerful day for creative activities, especially when they bring in elements from the past.

We all draw our inspiration from somewhere as we create our beauty into the world. Today very much highlights communication with our ancestors, or receiving inspiration from them that you weave into your creation. It may be the words or ideas of our grandparents, or even further back in time that we hear today, which bring the final touches to our masterpiece.

We often have the idea that the new ideas are the most important, but each idea and each new thing is built on the foundation of the old. When we make ceremony, we call in all the altars and shrines we have worked at before, each ceremony builds on the energy of the previous ones. Each ceremony is different, but they share the same foundation.

Of course the creation of beautiful art or your reality can be seen as a serious business, but the energy of nawal B’atz can often make light work of it. The creative energy flows so easily that it is a happy and fun experience,  you might find yourself remembering granddad’s jokes or grandma’s laugh as you work on what you are creating.

Today you may gain inspiration from the ancestral creations of your region. Your distant ancestors may communicate something vital to incorporate into your new weaving through their ancient patterns. This is not just a day about creating art, B’atz represents the weaving of  time to create the sacred calendar. This was the legacy of the ancestors here in Central America, and we may expect some intuition to pass from them through their work, through their creation, to illuminate our understanding of the movement of time itself.cropped-Nawales-in-a-ring.png

There are two nawales which bestow incredible talents, one of which is B’atz. B’atz is the nawal of artisans and of weavers, but this is not just creation and weaving on the Earthly level. B’atz weaves the threads of time together to create reality. B’atz is the nawal of the sacred calendar, which could be considered to be the fabric created from these individual threads of time. If B’atz is clever enough to weave time into order, then of course it is clever enough to create more down to Earth trinkets. B’atz is the master artisan, creating whatever it chooses, at will. It is just as comfortable painting, as it is playing music or writing. The arts come naturally to this nawal. However, this can lead to issues when B’atz has to deal with those less talented than itself. This can lead to a certain arrogance around those who fail to achieve their standard of excellence.

Their talent draws attention, which is something B’atz craves. It is the nawal of the born entertainer, who can sing, dance and play all at once. This nawal is the life and soul of the party, it also makes excellent teachers, who hold the attention of students through entertaining them. It is a particularly fun loving nawal that feeds on the adoration of the crowd that it pleases.

It is a day to create, especially within the fields of the arts. It is also a day to weave your reality the way you see fit. Where Aq’ab’al was the conception, B’atz is the gestation. Now is the time to incorporate what you wish into the pattern before it is birthed.

The number 13 is the final number. It represents the spirit world. It is said that on Halloween, the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. However within the sacred calendar, this thinning happens every 13 days. This connection with the spirit world creates a powerful day, where both the positive and negative aspects of the nawal it is attached to come through strongly. It is a very good day for activities such as divinations, however, ceremonies on 13 days are generally only carried out by the most experienced Aj Q’ij who understand how to work with that strength of energy.

2 thoughts on “13 B’atz (1st October 2022)”

  1. Estimado Mark,

    Me fue difícil encontrar al Maestro Higinio Chakach. Cuando logré encontrarlo, me presenté y le expliqué que quería aprender espiritualidad Maya. Con tranquilidad y observándome con atención él preguntó, ¿Es familiar del doctor Juan José Hurtado? Es mi papá, le respondí. Entonces, don Higinio recordó que hacía más de treinta años ese médico había tenido con él un gesto inolvidable. Luego afirmó, ¡No es casualidad que Usted venga a buscar mi servicio! Usted me hace un favor al permitirme pagar la deuda que yo tengo con su padre.

    Estaba conmovida. Sentí una emoción desconocida e imaginé que ante mí se abría un nuevo sendero… sin saber qué era, me inundó de ilusión. Cuando don Higinio dijo, que no era casualidad, sentí que somos energía y que llegamos a confluir en el momento preciso.

    Así empecé un proceso que duró tres años, caminando en las cuatro direcciones del Universo, escuchando y descubriendo secretos que no sabía que existieran. El proceso fue más complejo de lo que yo imaginé, porque me obligó a cambiar, a conocer y aceptar una cultura diferente a la mía, a considerar verdad hechos que otras personas no miran y que no pueden ser confirmados científicamente.

    El dolor y la rabia que en mí provoca la guerra, porque la conozco de cerca, me obliga a superar la censura y la auto censura, para compartir contigo una historia de amor. Lo hago porque es un proceso que llena de esperanza, lo que ahora necesitamos.

    Te invito a leer mi libro Utopía revolucionaria EL BUEN VIVIR motivación de la espiritualidad Maya. El libro contiene narraciones de mi proceso de formación y de la construcción de la Utopía. Es el camino visto desde una perspectiva interna, “émic”, excepcional. Enlace:
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    Te invito a caminar conmigo,

  2. ¡Gracias Leonor! Poco sabía o entendía cuando te conocí hace tres años que este era el camino y el proceso que estás siguiendo. trabajo tan profundo. Me encanta la forma en que expresas tu encuentro con el maestro Higinio Chakach. He encontrado a través de mi camino y mis viajes a lo largo de los años que esta es exactamente la forma en que aparecen nuestros verdaderos maestros. Es una experiencia verdaderamente hermosa recorrer este camino. Felicitaciones por su libro, y muchas gracias por su amistad. Espero leer tu libro y volver a verte pronto. Con gratitud, Mark

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