9 Kame 4 Wayeb – The Final Day of Wayeb

The fifth day of Wayeb completes these days of introspection and retreat. In some ways, whilst this is the day when we can see the dawn of the new year coming, it may also be the most difficult day. It is the day when we start the process to emerge from the chrysalis.

There may be a crystallisation of the process which has been taking place though the days of Wayeb. Here it is combined with the auspicious day of 9 Kame, the nawal of death and transformation combined with the number of life and the feminine. As we travel through the trecena of Tijax, purifying and healing, we can also see that the appearance of this energy at this time can be very profound. We can see it as transforming into new life, the final day of the old solar year, 9 Iq’, dying and being resurrected into the new solar year of 10 Kej. The process of emerging from the chrysalis may have entailed some uncomfortable transformations, and Wayeb has given us the time and space within which to go through them. Now it is time for the butterfly to emerge, for the phoenix to rise from the ashes, ready for the new solar year.


3 thoughts on “9 Kame 4 Wayeb – The Final Day of Wayeb”

  1. I can say that I watched Mark’s youtube on the Wayab.
    9 Kame is my sister’s mayan birthday, so it’s a set/combination that I know slightly.
    I can say that I am very excited for this new transition, and on 9 Kame is will try to end certain cycles as well as welcome in a glorious year of nature tools to come.
    It is amazing to find out the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) and the first Earth day has proprogated itself into the Wayeb of 10 Kej. It’s amazing and inspirational to me, as I have many environmental goals I am working on myself. So it inspires me to build the tools necessary to complete my goals. Before today, I knew nothing of the Wayab, and after today I will know for a lifetime how important it can be playing a role in day to day living. When the Kej nawal aligns each cycle, I intend to build tools and make use of it’s energy. So this year, I will keep it all in mind, and do exactly what Mark says, and that is getting in touch with nature on a frequent basis. Building wisdom, creating, learning, reflecting, and defending nature with arsenal of new tools to explore.
    Much thanks to Mark for explaining things in ways it seems nobody else has done before.

  2. Absolutely striking again and beautifully worded as always. Thanks, Mark, for your profound sharing of Mayan magnificence. Greetings and all my best wishes as we embark on a new Mayan year! Noëlle

  3. Tank you Mark❤️, also here in czech republic we apreciate your readings do much and very special thanks for option to choose our own language🙏🙏🙏. Thanks you for connecting us with wisdom❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Wish to you all good and hopefully all people will reflect this knowlwdge, especialy relation with mother nature and all universe in new year and every day.

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