Wajxakib B'atz Fire Ceremony. Photo Credit: Jay Rasmussen

October 2020

Here are the days of the Chol Q’ij mapped on to the Gregorian month of October 2020.

We are now coming up to one of the most important days in the sacred calendar, Wajxakib B’atz, the renewal of the ceremonial cycle. This will occur on 11th October.

As the darker nights begin to arrive (in the Northern hemisphere), we are treated to a greater number of celestial events. During this time we will have the both the Draconid meteor shower on the 7th, and Orionid meteor shower, one of the most spectacular I have ever personally observed, on 21st/22nd.  This year we will be between new moon and first quarter, which should make for great viewing conditions of this meteor shower. Mars will be at opposition on the 13th, on its closest approach to the Earth and will be fully illuminated at midnight, directly overhead at whatever location you are.

Featured Image: Wajxakib B’atz ceremonial fire by Jay Rasmussen

If you would like the calendar for the whole Gregorian year of 2020, it is available for purchase as a pdf in either English and Spanish here This time around I will mainly be making the 2021 calendar available in pdf format (although for those of you in Guatemala, you can directly request a printed and bound copy from me) My 2021 calendar will be published in Early November.

If you are the more technically minded I have also created a plugin for Google calendar which will enable you to track the days of the sacred calendar on your smartphone. In this way you can ensure that your activities are aligned to the most conducive energies! It is available for purchase here.


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