Fire in the Sky - Arrangement by Marybel Iriondo from photos by Mark Elmy

May 2019

Here are the days of the Chol Q’ij mapped onto the Gregorian month of May 2019.

We are now coming up to one of the most important days in the sacred calendar, Wajxakib B’atz, the renewal of the ceremonial cycle. This will occur on 10th May.

Please click the calendar for a larger version to print out if you would like to. Below the calendar are clickable links to my interpretation of the energy of each of the days.

If you would like the calendar for the whole Gregorian year of 2019, it is available for purchase as a pdf in either English and Spanish here (hard copies are now mostly sold out, although a small stock remains in Europe)

If you are the more technically minded I have also created a plugin for Google calendar which will enable you to track the days of the sacred calendar on your smartphone. In this way you can ensure that your activities are aligned to the most conducive energies! It is available for purchase here.

The Chol Q’ij mapped on to the Gregorian month of May 2019, by Mark Elmy


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