Mayan Fire Ceremony

The fire ceremony could easily be considered to be the heart of Mayan spiritual practice. It is the physical practice which facilitates interaction with the energies of creation, the nawales. Mayan fire ceremonies are beautiful affairs, full to the brim of colour, of fragrant incenses and flowers, and of delicious words. This is where we make our offerings for all we have received in our lives, where we make our offerings for the things we wish to repair and where we ask for our needs to be met.

A marriage ceremony

The ceremonies usually take place over the course of around 2 – 3 hours and are usually held in the morning. The ceremony consists of building a beautiful design, somewhat like a mandala, using sugar, incenses, colourful candles, aromatic bark, herbs, cacao and pitch pine. There is then an invocation of the energies of the directions and their guardians, an invocation of the ancestors and an invocation of the sacred sites and altars around the world. The fire is then lit and each of the energies of the days invoked and offerings made to each of them. The thirteen aspects of each energy are counted as we give thanks, ask for forgiveness and ask for what we need from each of the nawales. When all 260 day have been addressed, we then finally close the directions and finish the fire.

Materials for a wedding ceremony. A corn cob each of red, white, black and yellow, together with a bowl of water for each direction, bring a physical representation of the properties of the four first couples to the bride and groom. Photo by Hana Wolf

Ceremonies may be made for many reasons. Mostly, we make ceremonies to celebrate the energies of the days. I personally was taught that the most important days to make ceremony are the first, sixth and eighth day of the trecena, although different lineages teach different methods. I currently make ceremony on most of the first and eighth days of the trecenas, here at The Four Pillars. The schedule of ceremonies can be seen here on the events calendar. Whilst these ceremonies are not public, if you would like to come along to one please contact me.

I am also available to make private ceremonies, either here at The Four Pillars or elsewhere, perhaps on your own land. Ceremonies are used for many purposes; healing, removal of attachments and cleansing are some of the more common personal ceremonies that I have facilitated here. I have also conducted marriage ceremonies, cleansing ceremonies for women who were about to give birth, prosperity ceremonies for new ventures and abundance ceremonies for new agricultural projects. If you would like more information about making a ceremony to celebrate a special day in your life, please contact me.

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