Kototama Chanting Ceremony

Kototama or Kotodama means “Word Spirit” or “Word Soul.” It comes from an understanding that language is a living entity. It carries with it an energy and that energy is connected to our own essence of creation. You may have heard the phrase “your words shape your reality”, well this may be where the root of that phrase comes from.

Understanding how to use our words can help us to access the true creativity within us. It is said that through Kototama we resonate with the heart of creation. When we resonate with the heart of creation, we can reset ourselves to our original state. Many people have found that healing occurs through Kototama chanting ceremonies. It is my understanding that this healing comes through the resonance that we build with our original pattern, in which the imbalance did not exist.

I have been practising Kototama since 2005 and found it to be a very useful and powerful tool. I am now opening my personal practice to people who are interested in experiencing the effect of Kototama.

Private sessions can also be arranged by appointment. For more information, please contact me.

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