The Centre

I built the centre here on the outskirts of San Pablo La Laguna in 2012. It is both my home and my place of work/play/practice. Sitting where it does, between the villages of San Marcos la Laguna and San Pablo la Laguna gives easy access, but still avoiding the noise and bustle of being in town.

I have my own treatment and practice spaces here, as well as my own altar at which I make my fire ceremonies. The main practices here are:

Mayan Fire Ceremonies

Mayan Astrology Readings

Mayan Astrology Workshops

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Training

Kototama Chanting Ceremonies

I also produce my soap here!

All events, treatments and courses are by appointment. I have now produced an events calendar to show what is coming up here. I generally make Mayan fire ceremonies on the first and eighth day of the trecena. If you would like to come along, please contact me.

Maya Astrology, Spirituality and Natural Living