The Trecena of Ix (27th May – 8th June 2020)

The Trecena of Ix gives us a new opportunity to connect with the spirit of Mother Earth, to find new ways to protect her, and to find the magic within each one of us as we connect with the sacred places, the altars and shrines.

If you wish to help relieve the current crisis in Guatemala, and heard me refer to links to help the people here, I have attached them below.

To help the people of San Pablo la Laguna, please follow this link

To help the people of San Marcos la Laguna, please follow this link

3 thoughts on “The Trecena of Ix (27th May – 8th June 2020)”

  1. THANK YOU, for a wonderful video (as usual!), Mark. I always gain more perspective from your illuminating the meanings of the numbers and the Nawales. It always informs my daily practice, and I am very grateful for the education, illumination and inspiration I receive each day from your posts and videos.

    How are things going in San Pablo and San Marcos these days? I hope all people are getting their needs met, with the help of their communities and the donations of support.


  2. Thank you Sue-Anne. It is a mixed bag here. sometimes it seems that the worst of the disease phase is over, then sometimes the cases jump. In Guatemala, the official number of infections is fairly low, around 4000, with less than 100 dead. This is great, but it has come at the expense of some very harsh curfews. There is hunger and poverty in normal times and this has increased in this crisis. We have received information that the last two days have seen a decrease in the numbers of new people testing positive, about 190 per day compared with 300+ earlier in the week. Thankfully, we are yet to have a single case in San Pablo or San Marcos, mostly thanks to the actions of both the authorities and the people. We are all very grateful for the donations which are helping the people of the villages.

  3. Thank you for this great video Mark. Looking forward to these 13 days and loved hearing the sounds of the birds at the lake.

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