3 Ajmak 4 Wayeb – The Fifth and Final Day of Wayeb

3 Ajmak 4 Wayeb

The fifth day of the Wayeb completes these days of introspection and retreat. In some ways, whilst this is the day when we can see the dawn of the new year coming, it may also be the most difficult day. It is the day when we start the process to emerge from the chrysalis.

Sometimes the birth process is not easy, it is painful. The combination of 3 Ajmak falling on this day of the Wayeb maybe gives a sense of  challenges or obstructions towards creativity or redemption. Today you may encounter tests towards your commitments. Can you forgive the unforgivable? Are you really ready to step into your emerging self? How does the the emerging butterfly you will become deal with the issues that challenged the caterpillar you were?

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