New Video – The Trecena of Q’anil (1st – 13th May 2020)

The trecena of Q’anil can be seen as the final trecena of our current evolutionary cycle. It gives us the opportunity to plant the seeds we wish to mature as we move into the new dream of the coming cycle, and begin the final ripening which takes us up to the next level.

If you wish to help relieve the current crisis in Guatemala, and heard me refer to links to help the people here, I have attached them below.

To help the people of San Pablo la Laguna, please follow this link

To help the people of San Marcos la Laguna, please follow this link

One thought on “New Video – The Trecena of Q’anil (1st – 13th May 2020)”

  1. Thank you, Mark. I am learning so much from these gifts you offer. This one is particularly resonant with me. 3 out of 5 members of my birth family are born in this Trecena.

    5 E’, my deceased father – artist, architect, man of principal; 10 Ajmaq, my older sister – scientist, frail. And me, the wild child, empowered with the blade of healing (hopefully by now) and who is becoming steeped in plant medicine and learning to be a farmer is 11 Tijax. (and yes whoa what a frigging journey with that 11).

    Anyway, as you see, I find this trecena especially rich in meaning and I thank you for deepening understanding for me and others with your artistry and insights.

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