10 Kan (19th March 2020)

10 KanAlthough the nawal Kan may have a rather chequered reputation, today may see some of its more positive aspects, as the community comes together to share wisdom and power.

Whilst the energy of the nawal Kan can have a dark side, the outcome of the Kan energy really depends on how the energy is wielded. It is a strong energy, a power which can be very seductive to the untrained. When misused, this energy can be used to create illusions and delusions, it can be used to manipulate. These type of uses, however, are usually unsustainable. Eventually the illusion dissolves and the manipulator is revealed.

However, the energy of Kan can be used to empower and to bring wisdom. Here we see it connected with the number representing community and cooperation. This would suggest a day where cooperating with the people around you may bring a greater and more profound effect than usual. Through interaction with your community, you may all gain a greater insight, and your community may become empowered for the good of all. This is a day to honour the teachers within our communities.

An ancestor brings wisdom through the vision serpent. Feathered Serpent Diety, detail of Classic Maya lintel at Yaxchilan, from ''A Study of Maya Art'' by Herbert Spinden, 1913 {{PD-US}}
An ancestor brings wisdom through the vision serpent. Feathered Serpent Deity, detail of Classic Maya lintel at Yaxchilan, from ”A Study of Maya Art” by Herbert Spinden, 1913 {{PD-US}}

Kan is one of the more powerful nawales and it represents just that – power. It is connected to serpents, and serpent symbology is very strong in Maya mythology. In the past, lightning was referred to as sky serpents, and what is seen in the outer world is reflected by the inner world. The power of Kan comes from something which is referred to as itz or coyopa, the lightning in the blood. This is the power which may also be known as Ki, Chi, Prana, kundalini or “the force”. It is life force energy. Kundalini is a sanskrit word actually meaning coiled, like a snake. When working with any of these energies, training must be undertaken in order to understand how to use them. In it’s most positive aspect, the energy of Kan brings great wisdom; in it’s negative aspect, great destruction. A lack of understanding or control of this power can lead to undesirable consequences. The dark side of Kan can seduce with it’s power, and a very sexy power it is too, holding it’s prey in an almost hypnotic grip with it’s allure. It can become the ultimate ego trap.

However, it is also said that the feathered serpent Q’uq’umatz (also known as Kulkulkan or Quetzalcoatl) brought wisdom, through the sciences of astronomy and agriculture, to the ancient Maya. Here we see the positive aspect of Kan, where the ability to work with the body lightning brings great wisdom. People born on a Kan day can become some of the greatest healers or psychics, or they can become the darkest sorcerers and manipulators.

The number 10 is another number which demonstrates the connection between the sacred calendar and the human body. As five represents one hand, ten represents two hands coming together. This can be seen as the shaking of hands creating agreement between people. Ten is seen as a good number, a number of community and the laws of society, of people acting in harmony with each other.

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  1. Is it not wondrous that Kukulkan today, on this vernal equinox, makes his descent at Chichen Itza, in just a short while?! As I completed my morning practice contemplating the day’s Nawal, I remembered it was Equinox, and I remembered “el fenomeno” at Chichen Itza, that I had witnessed many years ago, and decided to find it online. I watched a beautiful video of it and realized in a moment of , “I should’ve known that!” that this is the day of the Serpent! How wondrous!

    As I walked the beach here at Chacala, MX, TWO people I spoke with today about this day said they saw a snake this morning! And the second person told me she used to dance with a boa for several years, and that when she gets back to the US (we’re in Mexico) she has scheduled a visit with her old “boafriend’ who now resides at Isis Oasis.

    And I offer this reflection: When I contemplated 10 K’AN I immediately titled this day WORKING TOGETHER FOR TRANSFORMATION. Ironically, here we are, “social distancing” but we are working together like never before in trying to Change this situation (or “shituation” as Swami Beyondananda calls it). In other words, we stay separate so we can work together to Transform; ie, “flatten the curve” as they say. By separating ourselves, we work together to transform what could be a high number of people infected with CV to a lower number. We stay separate for the benefit of the Whole.

    In this way, we dance around the obstacles like a river, gracefully and dynamically winding around boulders, using our great serpentine wisdom and power to effect the changes necessary for Global Well Being. Thirteen Thank yous, K’AN! Maltiox!

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