1 Ix 2 Wayeb – The Third Day of Wayeb

1 Ix 2 Wayeb

The third day of Wayeb focusses on acceptance. When we combine this with the day 1 Ix, we can understand that it can be about our acceptance of our place as the children of Mother Earth. We are here to care for her. She will provide, but we are not here to plunder her resources. You may have done so in the past, but today gives the opportunity for a fresh start.

We all have a past, and we all have made mistakes. Today is the day to make peace with those mistakes, to accept that they are part of what has created you, now. When you embrace mistakes, you accept yourself, warts and all, and 1 Ix helps you to begin to truly realise your own magical self.  Ix also highlights gratitude, and the occasional lack of it. Today is a day to accept that sometimes you may have forgotten to say thank you, but to resolve to embrace a spirit of gratitude in the future, particularly towards the natural world.

Another portrayal of Pawahtuun, also known as Mam and god N. Known as the god of the Wayeb and the number five. An old man that carries a conch shell, who was both a beloved creator and a trickster. From the Dresden Codex

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