10 Kame (9th February 2020)

10 KameThe nawal Kame represents transformation, particularly spiritual transformation, and today it is coupled with the number representing community. This could give a day of profound changes in society.

The energy of Kame assists transformation from one state of being to another. If these changes are embraced they can be moved through at a determined rate. However, one way or another they will happen. If they are constantly resisted, they may become enforced changes, transformations which happen suddenly and at a rate we have no control over. The end result may be the same, but the process may seem harsher.

The number 10 is seen as representing community and the laws of society. Today could be a day of profound, possibly spiritual, change within society in general. This could also represent the support of your community to help you through your own transformation and growth. It is representative of our ability to work together to assist each other through our changes, whether they are enforced or voluntary.

Kame relates to death, which often makes people nervous. However, this nawal is seen as an extremely positive day. Birth is the gateway into the mortal life, death the gateway into the eternal. In many shamanistic traditions, the initiate goes through several death experiences during training. This can be through the use of particular herbs, or sometimes through accident or illness. In these experiences the density of the mortal realm falls away and the greater understanding emerges. It can often be described as a spiritual transformation. In the Popul Vuh, the Mayan book of creation, the Hero Twins descend to the underworld, Xibalba, to confront the Lords of Death. They pass the many challenges set for them, but eventually end up being tricked by the Lord of Death. Instead of giving in, the Hero Twins choose to sacrifice themselves. They give instructions to a pair of seers to convince the Lords of Death to grind the Twins’ bones to dust and throw the dust in the river. Everything went according to plan and five days later the twins appeared as catfish in the river, then transformed into vagabond “magicians”. In this way we see a literal transformation from the crusader (Tijax) through death (Kame) to the higher self (Ix). This is the potential of the Kame day, to face ones fears and attain a higher perspective, to advance the journey of your soul. This is also a day to remember your ancestors and friends that have passed into the other realm, to remember what they taught you, and to thank them for their wisdom that helped you to grow.

The number 10 is another number which demonstrates the connection between the sacred calendar and the human body. As five represents one hand, ten represents two hands coming together. This can be seen as the shaking of hands creating agreement between people. Ten is seen as a good number, a number of community and the laws of society, of people acting in harmony with each other.

3 thoughts on “10 Kame (9th February 2020)”

  1. Hi Mark
    I go with a question about protection… or not, inside me?
    In thise time with so much electromagnetic radiation, and now the 5g, and also the common connection people between, how can you take care of your own energy, stay grounded in your energy?

    Do you protect yourself in a way, or just let it through you?

    With love Yonina

    Do you in a way protect your self or have a way of stai

  2. Hello Yonina

    I think the first place I go with this is a quote from Frank Herbert’s Dune “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

    I live in a place which is less bathed in EM, and I choose to live here. I turn my wifi off at night. I do not fear it, I use it when it is required and turn it off when not. I do notice a difference in sleep quality when it is turned off. Unfortunately we cannot do much about people around us that choose not to. I also turn my phone off at night and we do not have 5G here. I choose to minimise my exposure.

    Personally I see us as inherently creative beings, and in this manner feel that we manifest that which we turn our attention to. If we fear something so much that we need to protect ourselves, I feel it can be lie painting a large energetic bullseye on our backs! My preferred way of dealing with things is to connect to the heart of the Earth, connect to the heart of the sky, pull those energies into my heart and radiate it outwards. By focussing on strengthening and developing my field of Ki, I am grounded and supplied with all the energy I might need to stay centred. I certainly don’t think I get it right all the time, but this is the way it works best for me.

  3. Ahhhh thank you Mark. I love the citat of Frank Herberts Klits, and your word helps me a lot!

    I have had a dialog with a group, about protection in all ways, and I am happy to have your words with me.

    I rewild in nature, and have the WiFi off in the night time too… and in the future to come, I will also choose to live in nature 😊

    Thanks a lot 🙏

    Kærligst Yonina

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