9 E’ (26th January 2020)

9 E'The nawal E’ represents the journey of discovery in all senses. Whilst these are generally good days for physical journeys, today may have more emphasis on your life path.

The sacred calendar is used in many ways, for divination, to help integrate our actions with the energies of our world and solar system. It assists us with understanding how to employ natural timing into our everyday lives, to make our lives easier by using favourable energies to propel our journey. The calendar is circular, it is cyclic. There is no end and there is no beginning, however, there are cycles which use the calendar for their timing. These may be personal cycles, such as a cycle of gestation of your child, or they may be more societal.

Yesterday, a new cycle began, a new ceremonial cycle. Today is the day where where the energy of E’ is here to help us to see and understand our life path. If you are lost, stranded or just plain stuck, this is the day to ask of nawal E’ “show me where I am supposed to be going.”  Being as the number 9 also represents the feminine, this may be the day to consult women in your life in particular for the answers to questions about your life path. E’ may answer, through conversations with others, through “little signs”. It is the day to see where life wants to take you.

Footprints mark the road, from the Dresden Codex

Nawal E’ represents the journey of discovery, the life path in both its physical and spiritual aspects. E’ is the explorer, it craves novelty. It inspires travel to understand different cultures and ways of life, it is a seeker of experience. It can be a thrill seeker, and sometimes will take risks to understand what it is examining. Whilst it gains experience and understanding through physical travel, E’ also drives us to explore our inner world, helping us to understand our own minds and hearts, and those of others. E’ sometimes creates a restlessness, the desire to find new things within the world means that E’ finds it difficult to sit still.

E’ can sometimes cause us to explore simply for the sake of exploration, we seek the new experience because it is there. This can give rise to a lack of direction, aimless wandering. However, even in its wanderings E’ is discovering. It may not know exactly where it is going, but it will when it gets there. In it’s best aspect, E’ seeks out knowledge and experience in order to form an understanding which brings wisdom. E’ enjoys sharing the wisdom gained with its peers, for the enrichment of the community.

E’ is another of the classic  carriers of the year, or year lords. It is said that E’ years tend to be some of the more gentle and favourable years. E’  is seen as a good natured nawal. E’ days are considered to be good days on which to travel and explore, whether that be externally or internally. It is a day to find or remember your path, a day to ask for your path to be cleared of obstructions, and a day to ask for guidance and protection on your path.

The number nine is very special indeed. It is the number of lunations in the human gestation period and in the sacred calendar. The sacred calendar is known as a calendar of life, and it is women that give life. As such the number nine is seen as the number of life and the number of the divine feminine. It gives all that it is attached to a strong feminine presence and is a day on which women may wish to give thanks for their gifts.

14 thoughts on “9 E’ (26th January 2020)”

  1. Mark, Thank you for the clear guidance on the Nawales. Which is the Nawal in this new Mayan year and what was it last year? Similar to the Trecena themes, yes?

  2. Mark, Thank you for the insightful posts about Mayan cosmology. As I understand it, each year has a Nawal theme, like the Trecena. Which is this year’s and which was last? Thank you.

  3. Helo Michaella, the current year is 7 E’, and will change on 20th February to the year 8 No’j. You can find out about our current year here

  4. Thank you Mark!!
    Wonderful day to be born, and looking forward to the spiritual help along my path:)

  5. I have donated $ in thanks for your teachings. no need to publish. Just wondering if it’s sent in USD, how it’s converted or any fees to know about.

  6. Thank you Michaella, 2018 was the year 6 Kej, and 2019 was the year 7 E’. For details on each of these, you can search for keywords “Mam” and “arrival” and it should take you to the posts describing my take on the influences of those year lords

  7. 2020 is 7 E’ until 20th February when the year 8 No’j arrives. The Mayan solar year does not begin on January 1st. Right now, the traditional Highland Guatemalan version begins on 20th February. Next year it will be the year 9 Iq’ beginning on February 19th, and the new year will stay February 19th until 2025

  8. Thank you! 5 years? I guess I thought it changed on the Mayan New Year, Jan. 25. I had thought that 7 E’ was last year from 20 Feb until Jan 25.

  9. I generally avoid calling Wajxakib B’atz new year for this reason. It is too easily confused with the new solar year. Each new solar cycle of 365 days is called by the name of the nawal that it falls on, and this can only be Iq’, Kej, E’, or No’j. 8 B’atz is beginning of the new ceremonial or initiation cycle and is the beginning of a 260 cycle.

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