13 No’j (22nd December 2019) – Solstice 04.19 UTC

13 N'ojThis should be a very interesting day for anyone involved with ancestral knowledge, as the nawal of the brain combines with the number of the spirit world.

This day has the potential for true genius. No’j is usually known for its grounded ideas, the practicality with which knowledge is applied to problem solving. However, the strength of the number 13 may give rise to at least a leap of faith within this process. This is a day when the answers being sought after may come through the whispers of the ancestors, helping you to piece together the information you have. This is certainly not to say this is a bad thing, just that it may be rather difficult to give any logical working of your solution other than “it just came to me.”

If there is a problem in your life that you know one of your ancestors would be able to solve, today is the day to ask for their help, whether they are still in this world or not.

Today is also the winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere, which includes the Mayalands. This is the changing point of the year, where the light begins to come back, and further north, life will begin to come back to the Earth. This can be seen astronomically as the beginning of the solar year and certainly a rebirth of the sun. A day to celebrate the turning of the wheel and the transformation it brings, especially within our community.

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The nawal No’j is the nawal of thought, of intelligence and intellect. Within the count of days, there are two geniuses. B’atz is the creative genius, No’j the intellectual one. No’j is an energy of masculine, logical thought. No’j is the problem solver, it gives ideas and solutions which work in the real world. No’j gives a different way to understand situations, and through this ability comes innovation. It is thought, but also understanding and, indeed, knowing. As such, No’j is also a day associated with divination.

This energy is not necessarily social, it can lead to becoming absorbed into one’s work, lost in one’s thoughts. The influence of No’j can create ideas which may be very much ahead of their time. Do not be surprised if ideas you have on this day take a little time to catch on, the people you express the ideas to may need a little time to process, to see the genius within the idea.

No’j is also one of the classic year bearers, or year lords. As a year bearer it is thought to be one of the more beneficial and benign energies. The year, 2016/7,  was the year 4 No’j, and the year 2020 will be 8 No’j.

The number 13 is the final number on the pyramid. It represents the spirit world. It is said that on Halloween, the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. However within the sacred calendar, this thinning happens every 13 days. This connection with the spirit world creates a powerful day, where both the positive and negative aspects of the nawal it is attached to come through strongly. It is a very good day for activities such as divinations, however, ceremonies on 13 days are generally only carried out by the most experienced Aj Q’ij who understand how to work with that strength of energy.

6 thoughts on “13 No’j (22nd December 2019) – Solstice 04.19 UTC”

  1. Indeed, the wisdom of the Ancestors is coming to me today! I just found out there is a Hannukah celebration in the plaza just two blocks from where I am staying, here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Hannukah begins this evening, and celebrates the Return of the Light, just as the solstice and the birth of the Divine Child does. And what an auspicious time for my birthday as well, Christmas Day! My ancestors were Jewish, and this morning I was contemplating the meaning of Hannukah, which I celebrate along with all the other Celebrations of the Miraculous at this time of year. I wrote about how Hannukah is actually a celebration of rededication to one’s faith, and how it is such a perfect time of year to do that: in the midst of the darkest days is the promise of the Return of Light. After writing about this, I discovered this nearby celebration, so I thank my ancestors, and my Mayan Path, for leading me to all the magical, synchronistic events in my life. Blessed Be!

  2. Thank you, Sue-Anne, for this interesting perspective. I have never explored the Jewish aspects of things, so learning from people of other cultures with the same ideas is always a boon. This time certainly seems to be full of synchronicity. Let the new light shine!

  3. I find Mark’s way of seeing the Mayan world is deepening my concepts so I am a regular reader. What a surprise to find you here… we meet again.

    And Now we begin Tijax and I am a Tijax so I like this upcoming trecena.

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