New Video – The Trecena of E’ (27th November – 9th December 2019)

The Trecena of E’ brings us the opportunity to take a new path, a new journey of discovery to colour and enrich our existence. Whether is is a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual journey that we undertake, this is the time to seek the novelty that keeps life fresh.

If you are interested in taking a journey of discovery with us, you can find out the details on the JunAjpu retreat here:


2 thoughts on “New Video – The Trecena of E’ (27th November – 9th December 2019)”

  1. Yes, E! My Nawal! So perfect, Mark! The day I found out my Nawal from a shaman in San Juan marked the beginning of my journey along the Sac Be, which I have followed ever since. Every aspect of E is who I am. I I have taken many journeys, physical and spiritual in this lifetime, and will continue to do so. I fully embrace my E! Sometimes these journeys bring me into the Underworld, like Jun Ajpu and Ixbalamke, like Inana, like Jesus and Buddha and all the other Great Ones. But I have learned, not just from their words, but from my own actions, that a trip to the Underworld is always followed by a rebirth, a resurrection. And today is a resurrection for me, as I climb out of the Underworld of total knee replacement recovery into the promise of new life. Yesterday was the first day since my surgery on Oct. 22 that I felt good, and that continues into today. I am so grateful for this Path, which has kept me centered in the midst of the whirlwind of what constitutes modern life these days, and in the midst of my own physical and emotional struggles. And I am grateful that now I am not alone on this path. Following your website has been a true blessing for me, enhancing my daily practice and commitment to the Sac Be. Thank you. Or as the Maya say, according to Martin Prechtel, “Thirteen thank you s, sweet honey in the heart.”

    Now, please, tell me how I can put a deposit down for the Jun Ajpu Journey. I really want to make sure I can attend.

    Thank you, Mark,

  2. Thank you Sue-Anne and congratulations on your new knee which will take you further along the sac be! I’ll write to you by email with regards to the retreat. With gratitude, Mark

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