New Video – The Trecena of Tz’i (29th May – 10th June 2019)

The Trecena of Tz’i is a time of renewal of faith, a time to bring new justice to our world, a time to trust our guidance and more than anything, a time to embrace the unconditional love within each one of us.

This trecena has me particularly inspired, so this video is much longer than the ones I normally make. I hope you enjoy it!



2 thoughts on “New Video – The Trecena of Tz’i (29th May – 10th June 2019)”

  1. Thank you so very much for sharing the wisdom of the sacred ansestors in this very time. It was uplifting to see and feel youre inspiering state of beeing today and lovely message coming thru.
    Much love and blessings from Norway!

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