6 B’atz 4 Wayeb – The Fifth Day of Wayeb

The fifth day of Wayeb completes these days of introspection and retreat. In some ways, whilst this is the day when we can see the dawn of the new year coming, it may also be the most difficult day. It is the day when we start the process to emerge from the chrysalis.

There may be a crystallisation of the process which has been taking place though the days of Wayeb. Here, its combination with the day 6 B’atz, a highly fortunate and creative energy, it suggests that we are able to take the threads which we have received in the previous cycle, and weave then into something stable and divinely inspired to take forward into the next. While the Mam 6 Kej may have brought some harsh lessons, it has refined us and brought out the beauty. The reality we have woven has been inspired by Heaven and Earth, and now that the cycle has ended we can see the true beauty of the weaving we have created.

Pawahtuun, also known as Mam and god N. Known as the god of the Wayeb and the number five. An old man that carries a conch shell, who was both a beloved creator and a trickster. From the Dresden Codex

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