4 Toj 2 Wayeb – The Third Day of Wayeb

The third day of Wayeb focuses on acceptance. When we combine this with the day 4 Toj, we can understand that it can be about the necessity for making a payment for what we have accepted during the reign of the Mam 6 Kej

All growth and change are powered by and energy of some kind, and that energy comes from somewhere. While it may have been convenient at the time, it is now the time to accept that we have may have created a debt through our process. Today is a day to repay anything which is outstanding in order to move into the new cycle of days free of burdens.


2 thoughts on “4 Toj 2 Wayeb – The Third Day of Wayeb”

  1. Hi Mark!
    I was gifted Mayan Copal resin, since you’ve actually been there, would you happen to know what the uses are for? There’s so much info on the net, but I don’t see any first hand experience about it. I see more “new age” stuff, so I thought I’d ask.
    Thanks 🙏🏼

  2. Hello Oz, Copal is used in every ceremony here, often in vast quantities. In the Popol Vuh, Ix Q’ik (the mother of the Hero Twins) used a lump of Copal as a decoy to represent her heart and sent it back with the owls to the lords of Xibalba. This trick ensured that they would be satisfied with an offering of copal. So for this reason it is used to clear dark energy from spaces. Each area of the world has its particular cleanser – North America has sage, parts of South America have Palo Santo, and here we have copal.
    Copal, or pom as it is known here, is therefore used to cleanse spaces and people in a very strong way, it is used as an offering to “appease” trouble making entities, and an offering to the spirits you wish to ask something of.
    I hope that helps.

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