3 Q’anil 1 Wayeb – The Second Day of Wayeb

The second day of the Wayeb is said to represent recognition of yourself, during your introspective period. This is combined with the day representing the light of the coming day, the new conception. This is a day to identify the things within you that can be left in the year 6 Kej as we move into the year 7 E’.

3 Q’anil shows us the ripening that has occurred within us during the reign of the Mam 6 Kej. As this maturing has occurred, there may be things which we recognised within us which have transformed, immature attitudes or behaviours, which have been highlighted and now can be left behind, so that we can truly shine from within.

Pawahtuun, also known as Mam and god N. Known as the god of the Wayeb and the number five. An old man that carries a conch shell, who was both a beloved creator and a trickster. From the Dresden Codex

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