12 Iq’ (27th November 2017)

12 Iq'A strong number and a strong nawal combine today to give the potential for great inspiration or great bluster. The decision on how to use your words may result in big consequences.

The nawal Iq’ has the power to inspire, after all, it is the breath of life itself, the divine breath, moving through us, animating us and bringing movement into the world. However, sometimes that movement is uncertain, it brings unexpected changes. Sometimes Iq’ brings destruction with its force.

Today it is married with the number 12, the highest of the even numbers. Whilst it is powerful, the fact that it is an even number usually gives the energy of 12 days a rather positive feel as they bring together previous experiences from our lives.

The energy of 12 Iq’ could be seen as providing an understanding of how to embrace a sudden change based on previous experiences. It could also be a day to use the experience your have gained through your life to motivate and inspire others through your words. However, it is also a day to be aware of your temper as the strength of your words today may cause far more damage than intended.

Wind God 1

It has now been 280 days since the arrival of the new Mam, 5 Iq’, in the classical Guatemalan highland count of the Macewal Q’ij, the ordinary days. Today the fifteenth month of Nabe Tumuxux begins, the first season of the flying ants. This perhaps gives us an understanding that while the months of the calendar are changing at the correct moments, perhaps the solar calendar is out of alignment with the solar year as the flying ants emerge in May. Using these observations of the natural world, together with some basic understandings of mathematics and the calendar, it may be possible to re-align the new year date, to re-calibrate the solar calendar. This year, flying ants emerged on 20th May, which if we tracked the cycle backwards would give a new years day of 13th August. This is a very important day as it is one of two point in the year where the sun is directly overhead at midday, the zenith. This phenomenon will then repeat 260 days later around 30th April, following which we will go into 105 days where the sun is in the Northern sky at midday. In the figure below, the peaks of first 260 day cycle would be around winter solstice, and the 105 day cycle would peak on summer solstice. However, for now, we will keep in the tradition celebrated here in the highlands of the arrival of the new Mam in February.

Nawal Iq’ is another strong nawal. It represents communication and particularly divine inspiration. It is the wind, the breath of life, that which brings the change in seasons.

The communication brought by Iq’ can be enlightening and inspiring. It is the breath of the divine which flows through us all, in fact the word for soul is Saq Iq’ – white breath. When our breath stops, our divine essence leaves our physical body. When we engage ourselves with the divine breath we are able to create, to manifest with our words, to inspire those around us. However, Iq’ also has a destructive side. It has the ability to blow like a hurricane and may level everything before it. It is the angry words which cut down everything in their path.

Hurricane is one of the few English words which is actually derived from a Mayan word- Junrakan, meaning “one footed”. Junrakan is another name for the Heart of the Sky, one of the creator deities. Once again it seems that certain patterns follow through the sequence of the nawales which are interrelated. Imox, the female creative principle, or egg, is fertilised be Iq’, the male principle. Their combination results in Aq’ab’al, the conception and a change in the state, bringing the dream into reality.

Iq’ is a day of communication, a day of inspiration. It can be a great day to express yourself through written or particularly verbal means. It is also a day on which changes happen. You can either embrace those changes or resist them, but be aware that the wind blows forcefully and resistance of change requires a great deal of energy. Embracing change helps you to learn to dance like a leaf in the wind.

The number 12 is the penultimate number. In some ways it can be seen as the last Earthly number, the number 13 representing the spirit world. We travelled through the mortal world with 1 through 6, then the other world with 7 through 12. In this way 12 can be seen as a point of bringing all of the experiences into one bundle for presentation to the spirit world as we step into 13. As such, the number 12 brings a wealth of experience into one place, it is rather like writing an autobiography. It is totality, all that is, brought together.

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