6 Kan (5th December 2016)

6 KanWith Kan representing power, and the wisdom which comes from the correct application of it, today could be a good day to call on the power of heaven and Earth to bring wisdom to the physical world.

An ancestor brings wisdom through the vision serpent. Feathered Serpent Diety, detail of Classic Maya lintel at Yaxchilan, from ''A Study of Maya Art'' by Herbert Spinden, 1913 {{PD-US}}
An ancestor brings wisdom through the vision serpent. Feathered Serpent Diety, detail of Classic Maya lintel at Yaxchilan, from ”A Study of Maya Art” by Herbert Spinden, 1913 {{PD-US}}

Kan is a very strong nawal, it is the raw energy of the lightning, and the power associated with that. It the lightning in our blood, our life force energy. Raw energy without direction can be a dangerous thing, causing destruction, and its strength may be too much for us to handle. It has the potential to be exactly the absolute power which corrupts absolutely. However, today we see it combined with the number of ultimate stability, the number 6. This gives us a chance to understand and harness the energy and to truly use it to achieve wisdom for our families and communities. With the 6 representing the four directions, together with the Heart of the Earth and the Heart of the Sky, we can understand that we have the potential to draw both power and wisdom from each of these points. We can do so in a balanced way, using it to bring harmony to the world around us.

The day 6 Kan is a day on which we can draw on the energy from all directions to gain the wisdom to see through illusions of power, our own or those of others. It is a day to address the balance of power in our world, and to bring stability to it.

Kan is one of the more powerful nawales and it represents just that – power. It is connected to serpents, and serpent symbology is very strong in Maya mythology. In the past, lightning was referred to as sky serpents, and what is seen in the outer world is reflected by the inner world. The power of Kan comes from something which is referred to as itz or coyopa, the lightning in the blood. This is the power which may also be known as Ki, Chi, Prana, kundalini or “the force”. It is life force energy. Kundalini is a sanskrit word actually meaning coiled, like a snake. When working with any of these energies, training must be undertaken in order to understand how to use them. In its most positive aspect, the energy of Kan brings great wisdom; in its negative aspect, great destruction. A lack of understanding or control of this power can lead to undesirable consequences. The dark side of Kan can seduce with its power, and a very sexy power it is too, holding its prey in an almost hypnotic grip with its allure. It can become the ultimate ego trap.

However, it is also said that the feathered serpent Q’uq’umatz (also known as Kulkulkan or Quetzalcoatl) brought wisdom, through the sciences of astronomy and agriculture, to the ancient Maya. Here we see the positive aspect of Kan, where the ability to work with the body lightning brings great wisdom. People born on a Kan day can become some of the greatest healers or psychics, or they can become the darkest sorcerers and manipulators.

The number six is said to be the number of ultimate stability. It is the first of the three middle numbers of the cycle, the balance point neither too strong nor too weak. It is a day frequently used for ceremony thanks to its conducive energy. It represents the four directions with the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth. It also represents family, relating to the six qualities that nourish and hold families together – health, understanding, property, employment, friendship and actions.

3 thoughts on “6 Kan (5th December 2016)”

  1. Hi Mark

    I have some interesting insights with 6Kan moving forward towards the tracena of Aj. I’m keen to hear your take on them.

    With Kan: synonymous with power & body energy (with kundalini being the coiled snake at the base of the spine); and
    Aj: staff of authority, benevolence, spinal column.

    Expanding on the idea “to understand and harness the energy and to truly use it to achieve wisdom for our families and communities”, could 6 Kan be a good day to apply wisdom to family/community projects in preparation for bringing them to fruition in tracena of benevolent civic leadership (Aj)?

    I also see some powerful days are in tracena Aj that could help bring success to these civic projects- most notably 6 Tijax, 8 Ajpu and 13 Kan.

    What is your take on this?

  2. Hi Brent, thank you so much for taking the time to write your comments. I agree very much with what you have written. I feel that it is important to see the flow of the days as weaving into each other, to see the overall picture. Often we try focus too much on analysing just the one part by removing it from its environment, sometimes then losing its true significance. In this trecena starting on the day Jun Ajpu or Jun Junajpu, depending on the way you look at it, we also include Wucub Kame and Wajxakib Kej. With Jun Ajpu we see the beginning of the light, but also on of the Hero Twins. Wukub Kame is the final lord of death to be killed before the Twins are victorious over Xibalba. The day after Wukub Kame is Wajxakib Kej, which is an initiation day for the higher level priests, or an announcement day for those about to be initiated on Wajxakib B’atz. So we see 6 Kan gathering the energty together from all directions in order to finally overcome that which frightens the most (7 Kame) which gives way to initiation (8 Kej). The final day of the the trecena is 13 E’, the spiritual path, so the Trecena Ajpu can be seen as a very interesting one to be moving through. It is also interesting to note that the first day of the trecena is the future sign of the last day of the trecena, Aj is the future of Kan, yet Kan is the last day of the Aj trecena. I am currently working on getting together an idea which shows the evolution of one nawal to the next, which follows the pattern of the cross.

    I often get a mental image of the energy flowing down from the sky and up from the Earth into us, where it is distributed outwards into the physical plane, as the essence of the number 6. In fact I have been thinking a lot of 6 and 4 lately, the differences between the physical, materialistic 4 and the slightly more inspired 6. As a very basic example, and I apologise for the political slant, Trump is 4 Aq’ab’al and Bernie Sanders is 6 Aq’ab’al. Both were promising a renewal, a new dawn, but Trump played on the very physical, materialistic changes, whereas Sanders’ were more high minded. This shows a rather striking difference between the 4 and the 6. The energy of the 6 is obviously more stable, and addresses more than just the base issues.

    Trecena Ajpu is string and interesting, but sometimes with Ajpu energy it can be rather like chasing the unattainable dream, for instance seeking a spiritual perfection which is not possible in a human body. However, the desire to work towards that perfection does give rise to the next trecena of Aj, where the principles of that search are applied to the everyday life by the down to Earth, benevolent energy of Aj. In those ways, yes, 6 Kan is a great day to gather together from all direction the wisdom to employ in a future project in Trecena Aj. After all, in the Maya Cross, 1 Aj is the future sign of 6 Kan, I see this very much as the wisdom ripening to be used for harmonious community leadership.

  3. Thanks for your reply & wisdom – very appropriate given the day 😉
    On another note, here in Sydney there has been rain and lightning. Chak and the sky-serpents have appeared on a very appropriate day

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