Closing the first cycle and a new tool for you!

As we move further into the Gregorian calendar month of August 2016, I complete my first cycle of writings on each day of the Chol Q’ij. This cycle actually completes on 13 Iq’, as my writing began on the day 1 Aq’ab’al. It has been a monumental journey for me, finally allowing my ideas out to a larger world. I thank you for all the kind comments, the support and for taking to time to read. I hope that my interpretations of the energies of the days has helped you in some way to navigate through your own journey. Whilst this almost sounds like a “goodbye” speech, I can assure you that it is not. I will continue with my daily writings, for the moment refining my earlier pieces with the new understandings that writing on a daily basis have instilled in me.

In the meantime, I have been thinking about ways in which I might make this wonderful and important tool easier to use. I realised that sometimes I might write that a day is a great for garden work, or legal matters, or for a journey. Conversely, it may be that certain days would be less conducive for those things too. This information may be useful, but it would be more useful to have that information well in advance, so that you have the opportunity to plan ahead. Unless you have a great degree of freedom in your life, you may not be able to change your planned day when you find out what its significance is in the morning of that day!

For this reason, I have created this Gregorian calendar page.  This will contain a calendar for each Gregorian month on its individual page. The image of the month planner can be printed out for offline reference, so that you can see what is coming up and how you can work it into your life. Below the calendar will be a table with the Chol Q’ij day, Gregorian reference date and some key words and a clickable link to the in depth analysis of the day. This is still a work in progress, so you may find that a link to a day has last years Gregorian date on it, this will be rectified over time.

I hope that you find this useful, and once again thank you for your interest on both the calendar and my interpretations of it.

13 Iq’ (4th August 2016)

13 Iq'Today the number of ancestors and the spirit world combines with the nawal of communication. This may be a day when the message comes through loud and clear.

The energy of the nawal Iq’ is strong and can be unpredictable. It can bring change into our lives, and this may be sudden and unexpected, changing our direction or blowing something to us without warning. When this energy is combined with the number 13, the strongest of the numbers, this may result in great changes arising, with the power of the spirit world behind them.

Iq’ days are great days on which to make announcements, as your words are empowered and carry more weight. If you have something big to say, today would be an excellent day for it. It is important to recognise the extra force with which your words may arrive today. One of the shadows of Iq’ is anger and on this day, angry words may be far more destructive that you intend them to be. Whilst it is important to express yourself, this is certainly a day to think or count to ten before you react with angry words. They carry the energy of a hurricane with them.

This day can be seen as a powerful day to receive important messages from the spirit world or from your ancestors. If you have questions to ask of them, this would be an excellent day to do it, through divination or a medium. However, the strength of this day may mean that the messages come through whether you are asking or not. It is important to be alert for these, although it is likely that they will be so obvious that you will not miss them. The question will then be whether you choose to listen.


Wind God 1

Nawal Iq’ is another strong nawal. It represents communication and particularly divine inspiration. It is the wind, the breath of life, that which brings the change in seasons.

The communication brought by Iq’ can be enlightening and inspiring. It is the breath of the divine which flows through us all, in fact the word for soul is Saq Iq’ – white breath. When our breath stops, our divine essence leaves our physical body. When we engage ourselves with the divine breath we are able to create, to manifest with our words, to inspire those around us. However, Iq’ also has a destructive side. It has the ability to blow like a hurricane and may level everything before it. It is the angry words which cut down everything in their path.

Hurricane is one of the few English words which is actually derived from a Mayan word- Junrakan, meaning “one footed”. Junrakan is another name for the Heart of the Sky, one of the creator deities. Once again it seems that certain patterns follow through the sequence of the nawales which are interrelated. Imox, the female creative principle, or egg, is fertilised be Iq’, the male principle. Their combination results in Aq’ab’al, the conception and a change in the state, bringing the dream into reality.

Iq’ is a day of communication, a day of inspiration. It can be a great day to express yourself through written or particularly verbal means. It is also a day on which changes happen. You can either embrace those changes or resist them, but be aware that the wind blows forcefully and resistance of change requires a great deal of energy. Embracing change helps you to learn to dance like a leaf in the wind.

The number 13 is the final number on the pyramid. It represents the spirit world. It is said that on Halloween, the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. However within the sacred calendar, this thinning happens every 13 days. This connection with the spirit world creates a powerful day, where both the positive and negative aspects of the nawal it is attached to come through strongly. It is a very good day for activities such as divination, however, ceremonies on 13 days are generally only carried out by the most experienced Aj Q’ij who understand how to work with that strength of energy.